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You had a lot of good transitions and good morphing techniques but the I wasn't sure what the animation was about.
I give props for using a lot of key frame animation but you fell into the standard newground same ol'
add some rock song to some random drawings.

if bet if you sit back and think about something you could make something great. Good luck

Are you kidding?

This is what I do just to test to see if the software is working...

Please (for everyone), take some time and create a real animation, cartoon, art, anything. This wastes my time.
Don't get angry, look at my point of view and don't tell me this animation took you hour upon hour.

kthompsonhi responds:

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If this was a intro for a animation I might have turned it off by the time it started.

Try taking more time with the graphics, use some gradients or values to spice up the images.

from what i saw I dont really understand what this is about (other than there is some guy with no arms or lower body)

if your animation if going to stay this way the writing has to be top notch.

A Dancing Human-like thing

I'm not sure what you are trying to say in this animation...

I'm not going to judge the music but the dancing peoples were decent.
Try creating a story or maybe a general idea to bring to the table.

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All you did was curse at a little girl, and was the only line in the animation.

All i can do is give you props for good advertisement. It took you (I hope) ten mins. and I was temped (& did) to check out you website and I saw you were selling T-Shirts. I hope a few dense people find this funny & buy your shirts, good luck.


Everyone was a noob once.

The only somewhat funny part was when the grenade blew up.
But overall it needs work, better graphics, better script.

The clarity of the sound was the most outstanding part of the animation.

Good luck and keep it up.

TheCriminalDuder responds:

Look at you? The only thing you got is your accounts from 03 and you got a 3.31 BA.
You yourself are somewhat a fuck'n n00b. My graphics are mutch better then the regular shit that comes from the portal.

Just one Joke. A drunk Alien.

Thats it?
This needs more...


I will not encourage this.
Peeing on babies is not funny.
unless you set up the joke right.

straitjackettuxedo responds:

to each his own I guess...this is really just a piece to add some animation onto our site...done as a quicky. sorry you didn't like it.

Ninjas and stuff

I thought i was really good. I think that you could pratice a but with the directing in the fight scene, try watching the Transporter Kill Bill or Braveheart or any action movie for some ideas and watch the fight scenes.
In times you just killed the momentum, maybe even chop up the shots and it might make the actors/actresses seem more faster.
let me know when you get the second part done.

Xaroxantu-Zero responds:

You have no idea how many action movies I've watched. LOL.

The reason why some of the shots seemed chopped up is because 1) We rushed the filming as we had 10 hours to do it (in one day) and 2) Some of the photos got corrupted in the memory card, especially the part when Harimanna did the somersault. The whole film nearly went to scrap if I wasn't able to recover most of the corrupted photos.

Thanks for the comments though and look forward to the second part!


I really enjoyed this. Its good to make people think.

I make stuff up. Look at it.

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