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You had a lot of good transitions and good morphing techniques but the I wasn't sure what the animation was about.
I give props for using a lot of key frame animation but you fell into the standard newground same ol'
add some rock song to some random drawings.

if bet if you sit back and think about something you could make something great. Good luck

Are you kidding?

This is what I do just to test to see if the software is working...

Please (for everyone), take some time and create a real animation, cartoon, art, anything. This wastes my time.
Don't get angry, look at my point of view and don't tell me this animation took you hour upon hour.

kthompsonhi responds:

Hello, I am Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC, and we have been doing a study on internet child predetors. As your actions have clearly shown, we have reason to believe that you are a child molester. Please sign this release. Hmmm..? kNOTHNXbai >:()


If this was a intro for a animation I might have turned it off by the time it started.

Try taking more time with the graphics, use some gradients or values to spice up the images.

from what i saw I dont really understand what this is about (other than there is some guy with no arms or lower body)

if your animation if going to stay this way the writing has to be top notch.

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Jumping and whatnot

I admit, its dope you made it.

but still its a rip off donkey kong.

If you made this in 1980 you would be a millionaire.


Good job, you made a digital keyboard.

It works & and I played a song.

now try adding a way to record and play a second part.

Buckets of Raw old ideas

Ive all ways enjoyed these kinds of flashes. This one was just as annoying, in a good way. I wouldve liked it better if the window start up page looked more like the real thing. The Porn thing was funny.

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Mad-Bax responds:

I made it to look different, as it is supposed to be a sim of the alpha version, and the alpha wouldn't have had the same start up page. Thanks for reviewing.

I make stuff up. Look at it.

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